Second Session is here!

I didn’t expect Second Session to come so quickly, but I’m glad it’s here! The best way to quell the First Session blues is with a new group of campers that are all so excited to be at camp and are ready to dive in head first (in some cases, literally.)

Camp is basically at maximum capacity at this point. There’s about 115 people collectively and we are using every single table in the dining hall. I’ve seen camp so full that we’ve had to open another cabin for the workers, but I’ve never seen camp so full that the worker cabin had nearly just as many people as all the other cabins.

It’s only been a couple days but I’d say the cabins are already well on their ways to becoming friends. We are just passed the “bonding” period of night activities and now we’re getting into the actual themed nights. Tonight, specifically, is Sports Night. Not all the campers are sports oriented but we make nights involving sports fun for everyone by leveling the playing field a bit. For instance, instead of using a regular soccer ball, we use a big yoga ball, which goes about a maximum of ten feet, no matter who’s kicking it.

We had the previously mentioned Wacky Olympics, and as far as levels of wackiness go, this group was the best I’ve ever seen! I’d go into detail, but it speaks for itself, really:

We’ve added a new activity to our repertoire, baking. I almost wish I was still a camper just for this class. It’s run by one of the cooks and just about the last person on earth you’d expect to be good at baking; one of the counselors of the oldest boys cabin, Pemaquid. These two help the kids in the class make the desserts for dinner every night. I think they’ve only made (melt in your mouth) chocolate chop cookies so far, but there are many more delicious baked goods to come.

The kayaking trip is about to leave, kicking off the new trip season. It’s just a one night trip, and only a little ways down the river, but it’s always been a camp favorite. In fact, there was a pretty long waiting list when sign ups were going on.

We’ve had perfect weather so far! Knock on wood. It’s been sunny and warm but not to the point of discomfort. I almost want there to be a day where it’s 95 degrees with no wind so camp can pack up and ship out to the sand bar, an area down the river a bit that is a perfect place to cool down. When the tides are right there’s a strip of sand everyone can hang out on and jump into the water off. We usually ferry people to and from the sand bar in our motor boats. It’s always one of my favorite things to do.

I think that’s all for now. Don’t forget about our Picassa albums and Facebook page  for quicker, shorter-winded updates. Much, much more to follow!

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