Quebec City

This session, I had the wonderful privilege to go on the Quebec City trip with a couple of other campers. Despite our early departure time (7:00 am on Wednesday, July 20) we were all so excited and eager to see what adventures lay ahead. The five-hour car ride consisted of napping, card games, reading and gazing at the changing scenery as we drove on. Because of the stops for lunch and gas, we arrived in Quebec City around 3:00 pm; everyone was looking forward to spend time in the old city. The city was beautiful and the townspeople were very welcoming. Many tourist-y shops were nestled on either side of the road, with postcards and plush mooses peeking out from the windows. We spent most of the evening strolling through the town, browsing in the shops and gazing in awe at the Chateau Frontenac. After dinner, we headed towards the meeting place of the popular Ghost Tour. When we reached our destination, a man dressed in old-fashioned clothes greeted us. Our tour guide led us all through the old city and spun us tales of ghosts who supposedly still haunt Quebec today. The guide was a wonderful storyteller, but it was obvious that most of his stories were only legends. By the end of the night, we were all exhausted and ready for bed.




The next day (July 21) was spent in the old city as well. Many campers hit the gift shops, searching for souvenirs and gifts for their families. We walked all day and took in the gorgeous scenery and searched for the best gelato place. It was a successful day and everyone wished to stay longer. July 22nd was our last day in Quebec. Instead of spending the day in the city, we decided to spend the morning at Montmorency Falls. The waterfall was breathtaking! As we walked across the bridge overlooking the falls, I could hear the rushing water and saw the other campers taking pictures, hoping to capture each memory. To conclude the trip, we stopped at St. Anne’s Cathedral and listened to mass. The architecture and stained glass windows were so beautiful. It was a perfect way to end or trip. The Quebec trip was unforgettable and such a privilege. I encourage everyone to sign up for this trip when they come to Chop Point!





  1. Peggy Sullivan says:

    How fun! Looks like a wonderful trip!!

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