Goodbye, First Session

Today has been pretty depressing for everyone.

We said our goodbyes. There were a lot of tears and a lot of hugs. Even though the last day of camp is always tough, one of our counselors, Taylor, gave me a really cool way to look at it: “I like today because it really shows that we are doing something special here.” The fact that people are so sad to leave that they are actually brought to tears says something about this camp.

Yesterday the camp loaded up the vans and buses and set off to Freeport, a nearby town containing just about any store one could possibly desire to go to. It’s an opportunity for people to buy souvenirs and go to stores that they don’t have in their area. Many buy a fancy outfit to wear to our end of the session banquet.

Banquet is the beginning of the closing ceremonies. We dressed up in our nicest clothing and had a delicious dinner. We sang some of our favorite songs from the session and some campers and counselors gave speeches, talking about what Chop Point has done for them.

Afterwards, we changed out of our nice clothing and had a camp fire. Anyone who wanted to had the opportunity to stand up and talk. Some people told stories from the session, some told how they found out about Chop Point, and some just told everyone how thankful they were to have spent the last three weeks with everyone.

So blessed to be spending my summer at this camp. Thanks to all the campers and counselors for a great session.

Second Session coming soon to a theater near you.

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