Car Washes and Some Fireworks

We’ve been really busy at the Point lately. It feels like First Session started yesterday and now, all of a sudden, we’re on our last week.

One day every session Chop Point likes to have a work day, where we have several car washes throughout the community and do some other work around the camp. All the money made at the car washes goes towards our sister camp in Nicaragua, Camp Alegria. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I believe we raised around 1,200 dollars overall! Success.

Two days ago we had our famous “Talent Night”. This night gives campers and counselors alike a chance to show off their abilities. The lodge was transformed into a fancy restaurant with a stage. Everyone was waited on by the counselors, and though we had already eaten dinner, we had the opportunity to order root-beer floats and other delicious treats. The talents ranged from singing and dancing to acting out skits. This time someone even did gymnastics. It was a great night.

Yesterday was Sunday, so we had chapel in the lodge. After an early dinner, we loaded up the buses and vans and set off for a carnival at the same place we watched the parade a few days prior. The carnival was so fun – with rides and games and a ton of fried food. Once it grew dark, we all settled on the grass and rocks near the edge of the Kennebec River and watched some amazing fireworks, probably some of the best I’d ever seen. Everyone got back to camp in high spirits and ready for bed.

The mountain biking trip set off today on what looks to be a promising trip. Stay tuned for another update soon.

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The Past Few Days at Camp

The sun is finally out! It made an appearance yesterday for America’s birthday and has been present ever since. Everyone is thankful it’s starting to feel like summer weather again. The last few days of rain were spent well, however.

We took the entire camp Candle Pin Bowling a few days ago at a nearby bowling alley. Candle Pin Bowling is much like regular bowling, only with a smaller bowling ball, about the size of a softball. If my memory serves me correctly, the high score of the afternoon was 101.

On the last rainy night of camp we played a murder mystery game. It was much like the board game Clue, only in real life. At dinner, one of our counselors was “murdered”, and the cabins spent the rest of the night trying to figure out who the culprit was. Several of our counselors acted as suspects, and each cabin took turns interviewing them. By the end of the night, the “murderer” confessed. It was, personally, one of my favorite nights.

The Allagash canoe trip is back with reports of an awesome time. Most were tired, and in desperate need of a nice shower, but it was also quite obvious that they were happy they went. The Quebec trip has also returned after a few days of shopping and sightseeing in  Canada. Today the kayaking trip set off on the Kennebec River for an overnight trip to Swan Island. I’ve been on that trip before, so I can say with confidence that they’ll have a great time.

On the Fourth of July we spent the morning at a parade in a nearby town. Nearly the entire camp was decked out in red, white, and blue… even the foreigners! After the parade, we came back to camp for lunch and hung out on the dock and played group activities for the rest of the afternoon. There was a pretty intense game of soccer, foreigners vs. Americans. It ended with a tie, 4-4, so we went into sudden death penalty kicks. The foreigners came out victorious, but it was a close call. For dinner we had hamburgers and fresh cut fries, with fried dough coated in sugar for dessert. Needless to say, it was delicious.

The evening activity was Carnival Night. There was face painting, games, and even a water slide. A make-shift dunk tank was built and one lucky camper got the opportunity to dunk our Camp Director, Dave Wilkinson, into the Kennebec.

It’s been an awesome few days. More fun to come!

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“It’s always sunny at Chop Point.”

This morning our Assistant Camp Director Andrew made a comment at breakfast, “It’s always sunny at Chop Point.” And it is, in the metaphorical sense of the term. The rain has been going strong for almost a week now, but we have found some awesome ways to pass the time.

A few days ago the Allagash Canoe Trip set off for five days on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad for them, but then I remembered what my friend said about this trip a few years back:

“There was a hole in our tent. It wouldn’t stop raining. Our canoe flipped. There were bugs everywhere… it was the best five days of my life.” A trip is what you make of it, clearly.

The staff has had to switch around some evening activities because of the rain, but so far it has worked out well.

We had Cabin Theme Night, where the cabins were transformed into some pretty creative themes. Just a few examples are a meditation center, a time machine, the iPod game Temple Run, and a bizarre market place.

The next night was Sports Night, where four teams compete for the coveted Chop Point Trophy. It’s made out of tin foil, but is no less prestigious than a gold medal in the Olympics. We played games like Ultimate Frisbee and Knock-Out. The rain let up long enough for us to have some pretty intense rounds of Ultimate on the soccer field.

Two days ago was Sunday, so we started off the day with a late breakfast, giving everyone a chance to sleep in a little. We then had chapel, where one of my counselors, Autumn, gave her testimony. After an early lunch, we loaded up the bus and vans and set off for Boothbay Harbor, a beautiful town on the coast of Maine with a ton of little shops. We were all amazed to see that the sun was out.  I think nearly everyone in the camp got ice cream that day. The rain didn’t come back until it was almost time for bed.

Today the rain is still going strong, and the entire camp is in the gym playing volleyball and basketball. The evening activity is still up in the air, but will no doubt be as fun as all the others.

Even with the rain, it is clear by all the smiles and laughter that First Session 2013 will definitely be a session to remember.

Be checking our Picasa albums for new photos. More updates coming soon.

First Week

First Session has begun and we’re off to a great start.

Though Chop Point Camp is located in Maine and is known for its eight-month-long winters, the past few days were uncharacteristically sweltering. Those from the South were right at home. However, an obstacle like weather can’t stop the fun from being had. We spent the first night of camp playing “get-to-know-you” games, which are essentially camp wide ice-breakers to really get the friendships rolling.

The next day we spent the morning in the gym, competing against other cabins in relay races, a little thing we Chop-Pointers like to call “Wacky Olympics”. It’s so dubbed because not only do we make up cheers, play leap-frog, and participate in many other “wacky” games, but also because we are expected to show up in the most ridiculous costumes the ten minutes we are given after breakfast will allow. Bright colors, capes, inside-out clothing, crazy hair… just to give you a taste.

Daily activities are in full swing now; wind-surfing, sailing, kayaking, basketball, mountain biking, arts and crafts, guitar, water-skiing… The list goes on.

God has graciously decided to grant us some reprieve from the heat, lowering the temperature to a cool 65 degrees today. As a Mainer myself, I was right at home in shorts and a t-shirt. My friend and I played a little game called “Find the Southerner”, which was, more often than not, the person dawning a full winter jacket, sweatpants, wool socks, and rain boots.

The next two nights were for bonding with our cabins, Girls and Boys Night Out and In. The nights out are usually spent getting ice cream or going out to dinner. On Boys Night In they played several games in the gym, such as dodge ball. While the boys were out the next night, we girls spent our night in eating chocolate strawberries, making bracelets, and painting our nails. One of our counselors, Raelyn, talked to us about how important God is, especially at this pivotal point in our lives.

Tonight was originally going to be Water Night, but was cancelled due to the cold. Instead we are having Horse Races, where the campers dress up as different characters and compete on a chalk-drawn grid for candy. There are six lanes, so dice are rolled to determine when someone is allowed to move ahead. I haven’t seen all the costumes, but I know for sure that there are some princesses, Indians, cowboys, and dinosaurs out there tonight. I myself am a superhero.

Sitting here in the office, I can hear loud and clear the spirited shouting, clapping, and laughter coming from the other room, so I think I’ll go join in the festivities.

More updates of life at Chop Point Camp coming soon.

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Close To Closing Ceremonies

All this Olympic talk has got me thinking that Chop Point is a lot like the great games. We start off with crazy and colorful opening ceremonies (Counselor Skit Night), we compete throughout the session for medals (evening activities), and then we have a very traditional and high energy closing ceremonies to celebrate the games, (trip to Reid State Park, rollerskating late at night, trip to Freeport).

All that fun stuff will begin starting tomorrow when we travel to the lovely Reid State Park on a bus to enjoy a camp wide day at the beach. This will be the first event that singles the beginning of the end. Later that night we will give out our personal medals to the kids in what is known as “Awards Night.” Each kid gets an award from a counselor that they have formed a special bond with. It’s fun to see every kid get their minute in the sun. There are also a few little surprises added into that day that are coming. Will keep you posted on these happenings.

Enough about the future, let’s look at the medal count thus far. We had our personal time trails during Obstacle Course Night. Each cabin got timed diving under canoes, climbing monkey bars, and rolling logs all while running around the Chop Point Campus. Each individual got timed as well. Sounds way too military-esque to be fun, but the cabins had a blast. We ended the night with our signature Glo-tamate game. We broke out the wrist glow sticks and the florescent frisbee and had quite the time.

It’s sad that it’s almost over, but we are happy that it’s happened. Still a lot of memories to be made.



Camden Cliffs and such

Why hello beautiful. Today the staff and kiddos completed a mile long hike up and down Maiden Cliffs in Camden, ME. We had a wonderful chapel service overlooking this view. They say buildings and magnificent structures are the beauty of man. Well this is the beauty of God.

After that we had lunch in a nearby park and then roamed around the drizzy town of Camden for the afternoon. Bout to start the annual talent night! Will try to get some pictures up to Picasa.


Fires and Carwashes

The Weather Channel app on my iPhone is going to have to buy me flowers or something if it wants me to talk to it again. It was calling for a good chance of rain all of yesterday and today. Both days it turned out to be sunny with just a few clouds. Grr. Despite this, we had a camp wide campfire for our evening activity last night. We played a lot of fun and slightly crazy campfire games. We also devoured a decent amount of smores’. Because, you know, we’re in America and everything.

We had a donation car wash today for Campo Alegria in Nicaragua and raised over $1100 dollars!!! That puts us well over 2 grand for the summer. Very thankful God has blessed us here at the point and in Nica.

We have a Luau going on right now. If you want to check out some of the picture you can go here…

You can also good pictures of Quebec, first session, and other events throughout the summer.

Going to Camden Cliffs tomorrow and then finishing the night with Talent Night. Fun stuff.



Days Going By

It’s unfair really. It goes by so fast that it’s tough to keep track of every memory and evening activity, but here it goes.

Last night after fighting some drizzly weather for most of the afternoon we decided to go with Cabin Theme Night. The cabins got transformed into a ride on the Amazon, a tornado sight, a round of Family Feud, a boxing match, a game of Jumanji, a speed dating service, and a bizarre circus. Definitely a good showing of the creative juices of the counselors and campers. In the past few days we’ve had the traditional Water Night, and Camper Counselor Hunt. One of the high lights of camper counselor hunt is that the counselor John now has to sing the song of the campers choice every morning at breakfast. I think Taylor Swift would be impressed with his efforts. We also had a Sok Hop throwback 50’s night. The dining hall got transformed into a drive-in, where the campers ordered their own food and got it served to them. We also had 50’s themed lip sync night. No big deal, just another creative slew of evening activities at the point.

A group recently got back from hiking Mt. Katahdin (the tallest mountain in Maine) and another trip just left today for 3 days of Mountain Biking at Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley. If you are looking for something to pray for, their safety on the mountain would be much appreciated.

Tonight we will have a camp wide campfire. Smores and games will be enjoyed by all.

That’s all I got right now. Daily activities are going great. Always fun to see life long friendships in their beginning stages.

Here is a good verse for the day. Another update coming soon.

Romans 12:13

Share with the Lords people who are in need. Practice Hospitality.




Quebec Retrospectively

I drew the lucky straw for sure. I had the opportunity to lead a sightseeing trip to Quebec City, Canada! My co-leader Stephanie and I brought ten campers across the border to visit our friendly northern (French speaking) neighbors. When we got done with our drive on the first day, we dropped our things off in the dorms of the prestigious Laval University. We then took a short van ride to do a little exploring of “Old Quebec.” For our purposes, Quebec was sort of divided up into three sections. The first one was residential Quebec. This is where the majority of the apartments, businesses, and tall building were located. We spent the least amount of time here. The next was Old Quebec, which was close to the water but very elevated. Cars could drive through this part but the streets were smaller and the buildings were squished close together to give it the old-timey feel. And then there was Old Old Quebec (talk about what we did there later). That was on the edge of the water and you could only get there by walking down or taking elevator like gondola. Anyway, we spent the first night eating and exploring Old Quebec. We found a grassy overlook next to the capital building that the campers would walk around on and take in the views of the beautiful city.

The second day we spent the morning in the Quebec Mall. This wasn’t just any mall. It had a roller-coaster AND an ice skating rink in it. Kids were in there hockey pads flying around like it was no big deal. Canadians love hockey more than Americans love anything. Anyway, after the mall we did more walking around Old Quebec. At night we descended onto Old Old Quebec and some kids got a ghost tour while others strolled along the cobblestone roads and sat by the water.

The third day we ventured  just outside the city to see St. Anne’s Cathedral. It was pristine. The ceiling seemed at least 70 feet high, painted in beautiful and great detail. The whole building was coated in fine artwork and mosaic images of stories and characters from the bible. Quite the serene experience. We then went to staple of any trip to Quebec, a visit to the waterfalls called Montmorency Falls. The Falls themselves are actually taller than Niagara Falls by a couple of meters. We rode a gondola to the top of the falls, walked along the footbridge, and then came back down. After that we stopped to eat and then made our way back to the point! Overall it was a fantastic trip.

More updates as far as life at camp goes coming up soon.

Old Old Quebec!

Second Session Sweetness

And we’re off! We are about five days into second session and it’s been AWESOME! We miss our first session kids a ton, but this lot has already meshed extremely well. After a solid first night of Get To Know You Games, the counselors put together their final hour-long skit program of the summer. The kids still like us we think. They don’t think we’re too weird. The two following nights were Girls/Guys nights In/Out. The first night each girl cabin went out of camp and bonded, while all the guys stayed in camp and played manly games in the gym and on the soccer field. The second night the roles switched. It’s safe to say that the cabins are beginning to become very cohesive and fun. Tonight we went to the beautiful Pemaquid Point. The campers got to adventure and climb on the cool looking rocks and enjoy the breath taking view. We ended the night by singing a few songs and talking about some passages in Romans.

The Moose River Canoe Trip left this morning, and the trip to Quebec City starts on Sunday. Mountain Biking and Baxter Hiking leave not long after that. Things are really picking up here at the Point!