Quebec City

This session, I had the wonderful privilege to go on the Quebec City trip with a couple of other campers. Despite our early departure time (7:00 am on Wednesday, July 20) we were all so excited and eager to see what adventures lay ahead. The five-hour car ride consisted of napping, card games, reading and gazing at the changing scenery as we drove on. Because of the stops for lunch and gas, we arrived in Quebec City around 3:00 pm; everyone was looking forward to spend time in the old city. The city was beautiful and the townspeople were very welcoming. Many tourist-y shops were nestled on either side of the road, with postcards and plush mooses peeking out from the windows. We spent most of the evening strolling through the town, browsing in the shops and gazing in awe at the Chateau Frontenac. After dinner, we headed towards the meeting place of the popular Ghost Tour. When we reached our destination, a man dressed in old-fashioned clothes greeted us. Our tour guide led us all through the old city and spun us tales of ghosts who supposedly still haunt Quebec today. The guide was a wonderful storyteller, but it was obvious that most of his stories were only legends. By the end of the night, we were all exhausted and ready for bed.




The next day (July 21) was spent in the old city as well. Many campers hit the gift shops, searching for souvenirs and gifts for their families. We walked all day and took in the gorgeous scenery and searched for the best gelato place. It was a successful day and everyone wished to stay longer. July 22nd was our last day in Quebec. Instead of spending the day in the city, we decided to spend the morning at Montmorency Falls. The waterfall was breathtaking! As we walked across the bridge overlooking the falls, I could hear the rushing water and saw the other campers taking pictures, hoping to capture each memory. To conclude the trip, we stopped at St. Anne’s Cathedral and listened to mass. The architecture and stained glass windows were so beautiful. It was a perfect way to end or trip. The Quebec trip was unforgettable and such a privilege. I encourage everyone to sign up for this trip when they come to Chop Point!




Week One, Done

The first week of second session is complete! I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by! The past week has been non-stop activity and fun. Wednesday night’s evening activity was sports night! After dinner, wearing their team colors, the campers were ready for the games to begin. Everyone had a blast playing big ball soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, gaga, beach ball volleyball and knock out. By the time the night was over everyone was exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep.


Thursday’s evening activity was water night. After dinner, the campers prepared themselves for the water-filled games and chaos to ensue. There were many screams of frustration and shouts of victory during the water balloon toss. Soon the campers were soaked and ready for the final activity, which is a water night classic: the water slide! The slide consisted of a huge tarp with lots of soapy water. As a tradition the slide began with the Gauntlet, which is when campers are allowed to pelt the counselors with water balloons as they slide down the slide. Then the campers were able to slide down as many times as they wanted.



On Friday, dinner was served early because the whole camp spent the evening on Pemaquid Point, a rocky coast with a lighthouse in Maine. It was a great way for friends to spend time together outside of camp. Campers were free to walk on the rocks and soak in their beautiful surroundings. Many kids brought their cameras to take photos. After the photo shoots and explorations were over, a chapel service was held and counselor gave a sermon. It was such a wonderful way to end the day and the first week of second session.




Cabin Bonding

Over the last few days, campers have started to get used to their new schedule. They also have begun to attend their activities and form friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. The last two evening activities were specifically designated for each cabin to bond. Monday night was girls night out. Each girl cabin was allowed to hang out off-camp and get to know each other.  Most of the cabins went out for ice cream, while others played mini golf. While the girls were out, the boys cabins stayed on camp and played ultimate frisbee on the mud flats. The guys also made smores over a campfire. The next night the guys went out and the girls stayed in. Some guy cabins got ice cream, while others went out for dinner. The girls spent the evening swimming, watching the gorgeous sunset and making a hobo dessert (bananas stuffed with peanut butter, marshmallow and, chocolate chips roasted over a camp fire.) It was a great opportunity for the campers to get to know their cabin-mates better.

IMG_6329 IMG_6342

And We’re Off!

Second session has officially begun! It was sad to say goodbye to our first session campers, but everyone is so excited to see what the new session brings! The French campers arrived Friday night and the rest trickled in all day Saturday.  Old friends were reunited and new campers were welcomed by their cabin-mates. Once the campers were settled, the fun began. Saturday’s evening activity was “Get-To-Know-You Games.”  These games help campers “get to know” each other.  Many games consist of the campers mingling and learning each others names. It was a great night and everyone got to meet each other!

IMG_6123  IMG_6092

IMG_6098   IMG_6081

This morning was stormy so we had our traditional “Wacky Olympics” indoors. During this classic event, the cabins compete in many different games such as wheelbarrow races and sharks and minnows. The campers are also required to wear their wackiest outfits! I saw many hilarious costumes. During the events, campers were called by cabin to sign up for their daily activities such as sailing, field sports, jogging, arts and crafts, and photography. There are so many awesome activities that it’s so hard to choose! After everyone signed up for four activities, the 2k16 Wacky Olympics came to a close.

IMG_6259     IMG_6222

IMG_6155      IMG_6209

Campers were still able to attend the activities they signed up for that afternoon. I saw many people enjoying the waterfront and up in the arts and crafts room. Tonight’s evening activity was counselor skits: everyone’s favorite! This session’s skits were hilarious, it was a perfect way to end the first official day of second session!




Third Week of Fun

The first session has flown by and we are all feeling a bit melancholy that it is almost over. Nevertheless, the last few days have been filled with activities. Trips such as the St Croix canoe, sailing and white water rafting trip have gone and returned safely. The rain on Saturday and Sunday caused parts of the schedule to change, but the campers still had a great time. On Sunday, as the rain poured, campers had the choice to do various activities such as board games in the dining hall and basketball in the gym. I spent my morning in the dining hall. The campers who were gaming in the dining hall were sipping out of mugs full of hot cocoa and tea. There was a lot of laughter and screams of frustration from the kids who were playing the wildly popular game: Resistance. Sunday’s evening activity was casino night. Many had never experienced this evening activity before so we were all excited to see what it was like. After dinner, wearing fancy clothes, the whole camp gathered in the dining hall. The dining hall was decorated with lights and there were tables set up for various card games. It was a great night, campers were able to learn how to play popular card games and hang out with friends! However, the night was cut short to announce that is was also dodge ball night! The shouts of excitement nearly shook the dining hall. Soon, everyone was at the gym preparing for the chaos that was about to ensue. With the lights dimmed and music blaring, dodge ball night had begun. We played about four rounds and everyone had a blast. Even when people were out of the game, the campers still had fun. Everyone was dancing and singing along with the music while avoiding getting hit by the balls whizzing by. By the end of the night, the campers were ready for a good night’s sleep.




On Monday, the campers could sign up for different activities rather than going to their regular daily activities. It was a great way for campers to have the opportunity to experience everything at Chop Point. It was announced at lunch the evening activity was Halloween night! The campers were instructed to come to dinner wearing all black and running shoes. After dinner, the campers gathered on the lawn outside the dining hall. Various games and activities such as watermelon carving, face painting, and doughnut eating contests had been set up on the lawn and the campers cycled through all of them. To end the festivities, the campers were led into the “haunted” woods. While the campers walked in the woods, counselors and staff jumped out from behind trees dressed in scary costumes. It was very spooky and  thrilling!




On Tuesday, after breakfast, the camp spent the day in Camden, a small town on the coast of Maine. Our first stop was Maiden cliffs. Everyone hiked to the top and had chapel. The message was that some have an image of God being like a police officer: he is waiting for you to sin, just so he can punish you. But in reality, God loves us and desires to have a relationship with us. The talk encouraged everyone to get to know God more and spend time with him. After chapel, everyone hiked down and spent the rest of the day in the town. After the campers returned to camp, it was time for the evening activity: Talent Night! What a show it was! It was so awesome to see an array of incredible talents. The whole camp listened to beautiful voices, watched funny skits and marveled at one camper who solved an entire rubix cube with one hand! It truly was a night to remember.


Wednesday was another day of off-camp fun. The whole day was spent in Freeport, where campers could shop and hang out with friends to their heart’s content. That night awards were given to each camper by counselors. After awards, it was time for the traditional roller skating! Everyone had a blast and was exhausted by the end of the night. It breaks my heart that this session is nearly over! I have loved getting to know everyone these past three weeks, but I am excited to see what the next session brings!

IMG_6018 IMG_6029 IMG_6032


Time Flies

Wow! I cannot believe the second week of first session is coming to an end! The past few days have been cloudy with small showers, but it hasn’t stopped the campers from going to their activities. Because of the long weekend and the festivities from the Fourth of July, Tuesday was beach day. With necessities such as bug spray and sunscreen in their bags, the whole camp traveled to Reid State Park, a gorgeous beach on the coast of Maine. Some campers headed straight for the beach with surfboards, hoping to catch some waves, others stayed near the shelter, where many campers played board games. A yummy lunch was provided

and campers were free to walk along the rocky coast.


We ended the relaxing day with a campfire back at camp. Songs were sung and marshmallows were roasted. It was wonderfully lazy day, a perfect way to recover from all the recent activity.IMG_5418

On Wednesday, all of the campers followed their usual schedule. The campers in arts and crafts made friendship bracelets, while the sailors attempted to sail in windless weather.


Thursday’s evening activity was obstacle course night. The whole camp was divided by cabins and competed in one huge obstacle course. Each cabin was timed as they went through the course, whoever was the fastest won. Some of the obstacles included hurtles, solving a puzzle, mud crawl and web made of string. They were all challenging, but so much fun! By the time it was over everyone was soaking wet, muddy and ready for bed. At lunch the next day, it was announced that the overall winner was the cabin Isle au Haut!




Friday was a pretty eventful day. It was announced at breakfast that it was Cabin Theme Night! The whole dining hall cheered with excitement. Cabin Theme Night is one of the most fun and intense nights at camp. Each cabin is given only two hours to alter their cabin to make a theme of their choosing. The themes this session were awesome. We experienced a yoga studio from Pemaquid, A Dave Wilkinson museum from Little John, Acadia’s ship wreck, and Sebago’s Talent Show. We also enjoyed Monhegan’s Hansel and Gretel, Cranberry’s surprise party, Isle au Haut’s Mario Cart and Manana’s Snow White theme. They were all so much fun to walk through and participate in! I could tell that each cabin worked hard to make their cabin entertaining and they definitely succeeded!





Happy Fourth!

The fourth of July went in and out with a bang! Early in the morning on the fourth a group of campers went into Bath for a 5mile race and a 1mile fun run. The Chop Pointers did well, one camper won 4th place overall. The rest of the campers went into Bath after breakfast to watch the annual parade. After the parade, everyone returned to camp and had the option to play field games or hang out on the waterfront. It was a pretty lazy afternoon, a perfect time to prepare for the fun that lay ahead. IMG_5216





After dinner, the whole camp filed onto the bus and headed to Bath again for the carnival and fireworks. Some campers chose to go on the rides such as the ferris wheel. While others played games, won prizes and sampled from the different food trucks. I saw many campers munching on fried oreos, fried dough and other sugary treats. As the sky grew dark everyone started to find a place to watch the fireworks. Many gathered to the grass near the waterfront and others chose to watch on the rocks. It was truly a spectacular show and a wonderful way to celebrate!


IMG_5297 IMG_5306 IMG_5372

What a Weekend

What a hectic weekend it has been! Saturday was a work day. During work days, the whole camp does various chores and runs carwashes to raise money for Campo Alegria in Nicaragua. While most campers were off washing cars, a few stayed behind at camp to help serve Chop Point’s 50th reunion party. The party was a huge success! Crowds of former campers and staff attended and spent the day hugging, laughing, and reminiscing. To conclude the celebration, everyone gathered into the dining hall and sang classic silly songs such as “The Prune Song” and “An Austrian.” People also gave small speeches about their past camp experiences.

Dave and John with the beloved meat smoker

Dave and John with the beloved meat smoker

catching up

catching up


The Prune Song


When the campers returned from their hard day of work, it was revealed that the evening activity was water night. With hopes of not getting wet, the campers met in the grassy area by the dining hall. The first game was a water balloon toss. There were many shouts of frustration whenever a balloon exploded, and many screams of triumph whenever the balloon was caught successfully. After many other games, the campers were soaked and ready for the grand finale: the water slide! A huge tarp was spread over a hill and lathered in soap and water. First, the poor counselors slid down while campers pelted them with water balloons. Then the campers were free to slide down as many times as they wanted. Despite the windy weather, water night was a big hit.

Water Balloon Toss

Water Balloon Toss

Slip N Slide

Slip N Slide

The First Week

The last few days have been jam-packed with activities. The Boston trips, the Kennebec canoeing trip and the White Mountains hiking trip left and returned safely. (Check our trip videos here: The campers are getting into the swing of things and I see smiling faces everywhere I go.

Playing Ninja in the mud

Playing Ninja in the mud


Wednesday afternoon was very rainy and stormy, but it didn’t stop us from having fun. While the thunder rumbled and the rain poured, campers played board games in the dining hall. By dinner, the sky was clear and everyone was eager for the evening activity: Sports night! After dinner, the whole camp gathered in the gym sporting their team colors. The night was filled with games of Ultimate Frisbee, Handball and one intense round of dodge ball.

Blue Team Huddle

Blue Team Huddle


Thursday night was definitely a night to remember. At breakfast, it was announced that the evening activity was Lip Synch night. Everyone was thrilled and each cabin picked a musical theater song to preform. Lip Synch night has always been one of my favorite nights. I always loved preparing it with my cabin. We were always so motivated to make it the best of our abilities. The campers did a fantastic job and put on an awesome show. Some people said that it was the greatest Lip Synch night they had ever seen. The cabins of Sebago and Manana were the overall winners, but it was a tough call, everyone’s performance was great. This past week has been so awesome! We have had so much fun and cannot wait to see what the rest of this session has in store!

IMG_4561 IMG_4623  IMG_4651 IMG_4676 IMG_4711 IMG_4693

Forming Friendships

Over the past couple of days, the campers have been mingling and forming friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. To help the campers bond with their cabin-mates, the last two nights allowed cabins to hang out with each other off camp. On Monday the girls went out while the guys stayed on camp and played Wells Fargo, a game similar to Capture the Flag. The next night, the roles were reversed. The girls stayed on camp and had a paint war (don’t worry, it was washable paint) concluding with a campfire and s’mores. On their night out, some cabins packed up food for a picnic, while others made t-shirts, mini golfed, and went out for ice cream. Everyone had a blast and was glad to become more acquainted with their cabin-mates.