Working at Chop Point

We employ college-age counselors (must be at least 18 years old and have completed one-year of college) for each camp season. The 2018 positions require that the staff arrives at Chop Point on June 5 (6pm), and stay through August 10 (departing Chop Point after 1 pm).

[Please note: At the present time, we can only employ those who hold the necessary papers for working in the United States. In addition, preference will be given to persons with a valid U.S. Driver’s License. In addition, Chop Point does not have a Junior Counselor or C.I.T. program.]

What is a counselor’s job like?

Each counselor lives in a cabin with 8-10 teenagers and one other counselor. The girls’ cabins have bathrooms, while the boys use a joint latrine. All counselors teach “classes” or activities throughout the day, in something that he or she feels comfortable with. Some examples of classes are tennis, sailing, photography, painting, soccer, swimming, kayaking. . .

The evening activities are participated in by the whole camp, and usually consist of some type of theme activity or game. (Examples are Christmas in July, Halloween in August, Southern Night, Capture the Flag, Sports Night, Campfire. . .) The weekends provide times to take trips to local beaches, parks, towns, or other attractions.

Another part of a counselor’s responsibility is planning and leading trips. Each summer, Chop Point campers have the option to go on 3-5 day trips with 2-4 counselors and approximately 10 campers. Some popular trips are canoeing the Allagash River, hiking Mount Washington, or mountain biking around Carabassett Valley in Maine or the “Kingdom Trails” in Vermont.  There are also site seeing trips to Quebec City (passport required) and Boston.

Counselors also lead a half-hour long discussion about the Bible (one of the Gospels is covered in each 3 week session) each morning in his or her cabin.  Sunday mornings, an informal Chapel service in held. Chop Point welcomes campers from all denominations and religions, but Judeo-Christian values are stressed throughout the Chop Point summer programs by a Christian staff.

Even though a counselor’s job is a twenty-four hour a day responsibility, each staff member is given time to rest and plan.  Each staff member receives one day off per week, beginning at approximately 9:00pm and concluding the following night at 9:00pm.  Days off during staff training, Community Program and Kids Kamp are an assigned day for all the counselors.  Days off during the regular session are not assigned but counselors sign up for the day they would like off.  Only 6-8 counselors are off or out of camp on any one day during the sessions.  Counselors should not assume that the camp will provide transportation for days off. It is expected that the counselors will retire with the campers. This helps to solve the problem of getting campers to bed.

Work ethic – Romans 12:1 work=worship… Counselors should exhibit the joy of the Lord at all times, even when performing menial tasks. Counselors must remember that campers are watching us at all times to see if life matches profession. This means there is no room for harshness or unkind behavior. The love of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit must shine out. The camp seeks employees who, through the power of the Holy Spirit, will exhibit the fruits of the Spirit: joy, love, humility, peace, patience, patience, patience.

Theology 101 – Chop Point Style

The theology of Chop Point is that of traditional Christianity as taught in the word of God and summarized in the Apostle’s Creed.

Counselors will proclaim, and of course, live for Christ and not a particular denomination. Although relevant, secondary issues such as politics and denomination specialties (Baptism, Gifts of Holy Spirit, Predestination) are avoided in preference to proclaiming the glory and attractiveness of the Living Christ. If counselors are critical of other denominations, the camp will soon evolve into a “Church camp” instead of the more needed evangelistic outreach that the camp now maintains. This policy in no way limits our message. Our goal is heart theology. The camp is concerned that Christ can be seen in our lives as counselors. A daily “quiet time” of Bible study, prayer and meditation is an essential part of the life of a counselor.

While there are many effective styles of ministry, Chop Point uses “relational ministry.” Relational ministry emphasizes the building of a relationship and then sharing Christ with that friend. It is our belief that we must “earn the right to be heard” and this comes only after we invest love, consistency and time in a relationship. None of this, however, can be accomplished without investing in our own relationship with the Lord. We can’t lead campers to a Christ we do not know and love. We must humbly love campers as Christ loves us. I Cor. 13:4-7.

Although Chop Point stresses that Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ rather than a set of rules of “do’s and don’ts,” nevertheless it is a camp policy that smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and the use of illegal drugs are not permitted at camp by campers or staff members at any time.

How much are counselors paid?

Chop Point Summer Camp is run by a non-profit organization as part of a Christian mission. While we fully understand the need to earn money for the summer, it is hoped that the primary reason counselors come to Chop Point is to do God’s work. Counselors are paid a minimum of $1600 for the 10 weeks they are at Chop Point, depending on the certifications held prior to the start of employment. All room and board is included, and the only expense counselors have during the entire summer is for any personal items that may be purchased. All counselors have one day off each week. (If desired, counselors may stay overnight at the Barker Farm Guest House free-of-charge on days off.)

How do you apply?

You can apply online, or contact us (207-443-5860) for more information.