Each summer, 16 college-age counselors round out the summer staff. If you’d like to join the summer staff at Chop Point, check out our information on summer camp jobs and then apply online.

Our dates for staff this year are June 5th-August 10th, 2018.


David & Bethany Wilkinson are a part of a new generation of leadership at Chop Point, having been involved in camping most of their lives. As Camp Director, David runs the daily operations of camp and oversees the staff and campers. Bethany runs the camp store and teaches Science and English at Chop Point School.

Peter and Jean Willard started Chop Point in 1967. They have been working with youth for most of their lives. Peter has put most of his recent efforts into the promotion of camp and school. Jean runs the camp office and manages the books. They have enjoyed watching their four children grow up and take an active role in the camp and the school. Peter is still active around Chop Point with the school, Nicaragua and the camp itself.  Jean is the Office Manager and Associate Director for Chop Point.