Happy Birthday, America!


The fourth has officially passed! Chop Point campers and staff had a busy few days. On the fourth, a group of campers went into Bath early in the morning to run either a five mile or a one mile race. Chop Point did extremely well with one of our girls being 10th place overall and 1st place for the women and another of our campers winning first in his age group.



The rest of camp met them after breakfast for the annual parade and while we were all there, a few groups of campers started a dance battle across the street while the bath bands and floats provided us with music. Some of the dance moves thrown about included the Macarena, the worm, and some very synchronized line dancing. Everyone had a blast and we were all excited to return to camp and enjoy the beautiful afternoon full of activities.

IMG_4258 IMG_4256

We had a snack for the campers of fried dough at about 3:30, for some of the foreign campers it was their first time experiencing my favorite food. We ended the day by having red, white, and blue birthday cake and singing happy birthday to our favorite country. For our evening activity we had a special Disney night complete with some of our favorite princes, princesses, and villains.




For the evening activity on the fifth we all made our way back to bath to enjoy their carnival and fireworks. We had an early dinner so that we could make the most of our time there! Many campers opted to enjoy the ferris wheel,  zipper, or gravitron, while others chose to eat their way through the midway and then find a place on the waterfront to hang out until the fireworks started. All of the campers got to enjoy some of America’s best foods: funnel cake, fried dough, fried chicken, and fried oreos. The fireworks show was beautiful and as we all made our way back to the buses and vans they shot off a few more for us all to enjoy. We got back to camp around 10 o’clock and everyone headed off to get a great night of sleep.



This morning every cabin got a 5 (the highest possible score) on their cabin inspections! It was a great end to a phenomenal weekend here at camp!

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