Week One, Done

The first week of second session is complete! I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying by! The past week has been non-stop activity and fun. Wednesday night’s evening activity was sports night! After dinner, wearing their team colors, the campers were ready for the games to begin. Everyone had a blast playing big ball soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, gaga, beach ball volleyball and knock out. By the time the night was over everyone was exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep.


Thursday’s evening activity was water night. After dinner, the campers prepared themselves for the water-filled games and chaos to ensue. There were many screams of frustration and shouts of victory during the water balloon toss. Soon the campers were soaked and ready for the final activity, which is a water night classic: the water slide! The slide consisted of a huge tarp with lots of soapy water. As a tradition the slide began with the Gauntlet, which is when campers are allowed to pelt the counselors with water balloons as they slide down the slide. Then the campers were able to slide down as many times as they wanted.



On Friday, dinner was served early because the whole camp spent the evening on Pemaquid Point, a rocky coast with a lighthouse in Maine. It was a great way for friends to spend time together outside of camp. Campers were free to walk on the rocks and soak in their beautiful surroundings. Many kids brought their cameras to take photos. After the photo shoots and explorations were over, a chapel service was held and counselor gave a sermon. It was such a wonderful way to end the day and the first week of second session.




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