Second Session Sweetness

And we’re off! We are about five days into second session and it’s been AWESOME! We miss our first session kids a ton, but this lot has already meshed extremely well. After a solid first night of Get To Know You Games, the counselors put together their final hour-long skit program of the summer. The kids still like us we think. They don’t think we’re too weird. The two following nights were Girls/Guys nights In/Out. The first night each girl cabin went out of camp and bonded, while all the guys stayed in camp and played manly games in the gym and on the soccer field. The second night the roles switched. It’s safe to say that the cabins are beginning to become very cohesive and fun. Tonight we went to the beautiful Pemaquid Point. The campers got to adventure and climb on the cool looking rocks and enjoy the breath taking view. We ended the night by singing a few songs and talking about some passages in Romans.

The Moose River Canoe Trip left this morning, and the trip to Quebec City starts on Sunday. Mountain Biking and Baxter Hiking leave not long after that. Things are really picking up here at the Point!

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