Sailing, Seadogs, and Sock Hop

The sailing trip is back with nothing but good reports…


To say I’m jealous is an understatement.

Spending the night aboard a 100 foot long schooner… definitely not the most boring trip we offer here at Chop Point. The food is famous, and talked about days after the trip ends. Once the boat anchors for the night, campers have the opportunity to climb up the ship’s ropes and jump into the ocean. Freezing, but worth it.



A few nights ago we went to a baseball game for the Portland Seadogs. It’s a good time to relax and hang out with everyone. For some, it was their first baseball game. Everyone had a great time cheering, and the Seadogs pulled away with a win of 5-1.

Last night was Sock Hop Night. Everyone dresses up as greasers and in other typical 1950s fashions. For dinner, we all go to the Chop Point “Diner”, which is actually just the dining hall, decked out like a typical diner from the 50s. Oldies songs play while we order our food (root beer floats, burgers, fries, etc.), and after dinner we join into our cabins for some fun activities.

We played trivia games, had an Elvis Presley impersonation contest, a hula hoop contest, and more. There was also a game where they would play a song, and each cabin would have to give their best guess (all fifties songs). The senior staff was also a team, and honestly, if they were allowed to win, they definitely would have.

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