Ready, Set, Campers!

Summer has arrived. For the past two weeks, the Chop Point staff has worked together to produce the seemingly magical transformation from “school” to “camp.” Desks have been replaced with bunk beds, chalkboards with camp activity schedules, and chairs with both windsurfs and wake-boards. If you are returning to Chop Point this summer, you will probably notice some improvements around camp. Every girl’s cabin has newly re-done bathrooms, many cabins are freshly painted, and the docks are fully repaired and ready for the non-stop traffic that camp will soon bring. The weather has been nearly perfect. The steady sunshine and wind gave the staff plenty of time to test out the swimming, sailing, boating, and windsurfing before Community Week kicks off the summer programs. As much as we have enjoyed unifying as a staff, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and making final preparations for camp, we still have been missing the key ingredient of our summer: campers. We are looking forward to beginning the summer programs and we hope to see you here!


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