Luau Night

We have all officially settled into Second Session.

We had some cabin bonding nights at the beginning and now we’re on to bigger and better things. A few nights ago, we had a camp favorite, Luau Night.

Our Camp Director, Dave, and a few others spent the better part of the day roasting a pig specifically for the Luau Night dinner. We came to dinner dressed in Hawaiian shirts with flowers in our hair, and ate out on the front lawn. Everything was delicious, like always. After dinner we broke up into different groups, signified by colors, and came up with some cheers. We were also given paint to decorate ourselves as well as a canoe, which was to be used later in the night. The painting may have gotten a bit out of hand, however…



Once our canoes were painted, we had a “regatta” of sorts, racing through the water around obstacles. After the race, we had a limbo contest and a moon-pie eating contest.


A night well spent.

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