First Session Craziness!

Whew. What a day. Our campers from France just arrived at the lovely hour of 10:57 PM. That officially caps off our hectic yet awesome day of checking in the campers for First Session! The staff couldn’t be more excited to have our session kids. That’s not to say that we did love the locals that we got for Community Week. Memories were definitely made. Evening events such as an impromptu late night dodge ball bonanza, a down to the wire Capture the Flag game, and an honky tonkin’ Southern night made for a jam packed blast of a week. To a degree it’s frustrating that we only get those campers for such a short time. But in the same token it motivates us to give all we got in the little amount of time that we get.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the week. The only blemish was a ominous thunder cloud accompanied by a slight drizzle on the very last day. Besides that we got mid 90’s and cloudless skies for three days straight. We have a shortage of sunscreen around camp now, but as long as the campers and staff are using it we have no problem handing it out!

Back for the kickoff day for the best three weeks a kid could have. The lifeguards were down on the dock counting laps for the kids’ swim tests, the sailors were taking campers out, and all around camp there were basketball and ultimate frisbee games going on. In the evening we did Get To Know You Games. The night was a fun icebreaker where we could share embarrassing stories and learn names. We ended in the dining hall with Kettle Corn and refreshments.

Tomorrow we will have the ever entertaining counselor skits. Hopefully the 2+ weeks of preparation during staff week won’t be all for not. Trips for Acadia and the Allagash River are right around the corner. It all happens so fast that we have to be sure to be doing posts! That’s all we got for now. Will have pictures up soon!

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