End of the Second Week

The last week of Second Session has come, no matter how much all of us didn’t want it to.

A few nights ago we drove to Pemaquid Point, a place that one of our cabins is named after. It’s a beautiful spot on the ocean, with huge climbing rocks and a lighthouse. Everyone explored the rocks, and many pictures were taken that night. It started to rain, so we all hunkered down under tree coverage for some singing and a quick chapel.

We’ve also had the semi-annual cabin theme night. The judges dubbed this the best cabin theme night in the history of Chop Point. Now, I’m not sure if I’d go that far, but it’s definitely in the running. The judges couldn’t let themselves just have two cabins as winners, so the next morning at breakfast we had an award ceremony. It was called the Oscars, though it was not very much like the real Oscars award show. Cabin awards were given out, as well as individual awards like Best Supporting Actress/Actor and Best Actress/Actor.

We’re starting the last week off right with chapel atop Maiden’s Cliff in Camden. To get to where we have the chapel is about a mile long walk, but the view is worth it ten times over. After chapel the campers were given lunch, and then let loose into the town of Camden for some shopping and sight-seeing.

Tonight we are going to the farmhouse for Christmas in July, where we have some Christmas games and eat really delicious food.

Hard to believe there’s only a couple of updates left before the end. Be checking our Picasa albums and Facebook page for more picture posts!

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