Close To Closing Ceremonies

All this Olympic talk has got me thinking that Chop Point is a lot like the great games. We start off with crazy and colorful opening ceremonies (Counselor Skit Night), we compete throughout the session for medals (evening activities), and then we have a very traditional and high energy closing ceremonies to celebrate the games, (trip to Reid State Park, rollerskating late at night, trip to Freeport).

All that fun stuff will begin starting tomorrow when we travel to the lovely Reid State Park on a bus to enjoy a camp wide day at the beach. This will be the first event that singles the beginning of the end. Later that night we will give out our personal medals to the kids in what is known as “Awards Night.” Each kid gets an award from a counselor that they have formed a special bond with. It’s fun to see every kid get their minute in the sun. There are also a few little surprises added into that day that are coming. Will keep you posted on these happenings.

Enough about the future, let’s look at the medal count thus far. We had our personal time trails during Obstacle Course Night. Each cabin got timed diving under canoes, climbing monkey bars, and rolling logs all while running around the Chop Point Campus. Each individual got timed as well. Sounds way too military-esque to be fun, but the cabins had a blast. We ended the night with our signature Glo-tamate game. We broke out the wrist glow sticks and the florescent frisbee and had quite the time.

It’s sad that it’s almost over, but we are happy that it’s happened. Still a lot of memories to be made.



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