Car Washes and Some Fireworks

We’ve been really busy at the Point lately. It feels like First Session started yesterday and now, all of a sudden, we’re on our last week.

One day every session Chop Point likes to have a work day, where we have several car washes throughout the community and do some other work around the camp. All the money made at the car washes goes towards our sister camp in Nicaragua, Camp Alegria. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I believe we raised around 1,200 dollars overall! Success.

Two days ago we had our famous “Talent Night”. This night gives campers and counselors alike a chance to show off their abilities. The lodge was transformed into a fancy restaurant with a stage. Everyone was waited on by the counselors, and though we had already eaten dinner, we had the opportunity to order root-beer floats and other delicious treats. The talents ranged from singing and dancing to acting out skits. This time someone even did gymnastics. It was a great night.

Yesterday was Sunday, so we had chapel in the lodge. After an early dinner, we loaded up the buses and vans and set off for a carnival at the same place we watched the parade a few days prior. The carnival was so fun – with rides and games and a ton of fried food. Once it grew dark, we all settled on the grass and rocks near the edge of the Kennebec River and watched some amazing fireworks, probably some of the best I’d ever seen. Everyone got back to camp in high spirits and ready for bed.

The mountain biking trip set off today on what looks to be a promising trip. Stay tuned for another update soon.

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