Community Week is Under Way

June 20, 2017
Community Week is Under Way
With all the local campers settled into their cabins, Community Week is now in full
swing. All campers have their schedules locked in and Sailing has held its position as the most
popular activity of all. A couple of exceptionally windy days have made for some eventful hours
on the dock with our sailors and windsurfers. A new stand out activity this year, Board Games, is
also enjoying a lot of popularity among the younger campers. The evening activities have been
on the more theatrical side so far, with arrival night being occupied by a collection of (mostly)
finely polished counselor skits designed for camper enjoyment. Monday night was SkitSync
Night – a hilarious concoction of camper-designed skits, popular music, and interpretive dance.
A mock commercial featuring a salesman advertising his magical product – Cat-O-Matic – set to
the tune of “Everybody Wants to be a Cat,” was arguably the crowd favorite. A surprise late night
game of Dodgeball featuring unique team combinations like Boys vs. Girls and Campers vs.
Counselors capped off the night well – with staff and kids both thoroughly exhausted. It seems
like we have only just gotten started and the community week portion of camp is already half
over. We look forward to the next couple of days with this wonderful set of campers and hope to
see some of them potentially stay for a whole session some time soon.

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