Third Week of Fun

The first session has flown by and we are all feeling a bit melancholy that it is almost over. Nevertheless, the last few days have been filled with activities. Trips such as the St Croix canoe, sailing and white water rafting trip have gone and returned safely. The rain on Saturday and Sunday caused parts of the schedule to change, but the campers still had a great time. On Sunday, as the rain poured, campers had the choice to do various activities such as board games in the dining hall and basketball in the gym. I spent my morning in the dining hall. The campers who were gaming in the dining hall were sipping out of mugs full of hot cocoa and tea. There was a lot of laughter and screams of frustration from the kids who were playing the wildly popular game: Resistance. Sunday’s evening activity was casino night. Many had never experienced this evening activity before so we were all excited to see what it was like. After dinner, wearing fancy clothes, the whole camp gathered in the dining hall. The dining hall was decorated with lights and there were tables set up for various card games. It was a great night, campers were able to learn how to play popular card games and hang out with friends! However, the night was cut short to announce that is was also dodge ball night! The shouts of excitement nearly shook the dining hall. Soon, everyone was at the gym preparing for the chaos that was about to ensue. With the lights dimmed and music blaring, dodge ball night had begun. We played about four rounds and everyone had a blast. Even when people were out of the game, the campers still had fun. Everyone was dancing and singing along with the music while avoiding getting hit by the balls whizzing by. By the end of the night, the campers were ready for a good night’s sleep.




On Monday, the campers could sign up for different activities rather than going to their regular daily activities. It was a great way for campers to have the opportunity to experience everything at Chop Point. It was announced at lunch the evening activity was Halloween night! The campers were instructed to come to dinner wearing all black and running shoes. After dinner, the campers gathered on the lawn outside the dining hall. Various games and activities such as watermelon carving, face painting, and doughnut eating contests had been set up on the lawn and the campers cycled through all of them. To end the festivities, the campers were led into the “haunted” woods. While the campers walked in the woods, counselors and staff jumped out from behind trees dressed in scary costumes. It was very spooky and  thrilling!




On Tuesday, after breakfast, the camp spent the day in Camden, a small town on the coast of Maine. Our first stop was Maiden cliffs. Everyone hiked to the top and had chapel. The message was that some have an image of God being like a police officer: he is waiting for you to sin, just so he can punish you. But in reality, God loves us and desires to have a relationship with us. The talk encouraged everyone to get to know God more and spend time with him. After chapel, everyone hiked down and spent the rest of the day in the town. After the campers returned to camp, it was time for the evening activity: Talent Night! What a show it was! It was so awesome to see an array of incredible talents. The whole camp listened to beautiful voices, watched funny skits and marveled at one camper who solved an entire rubix cube with one hand! It truly was a night to remember.


Wednesday was another day of off-camp fun. The whole day was spent in Freeport, where campers could shop and hang out with friends to their heart’s content. That night awards were given to each camper by counselors. After awards, it was time for the traditional roller skating! Everyone had a blast and was exhausted by the end of the night. It breaks my heart that this session is nearly over! I have loved getting to know everyone these past three weeks, but I am excited to see what the next session brings!

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