The End

Chop Point Camp 2013 is officially over.

The second session crew packed up and headed out a couple days ago after a fun-filled last few days.

In the past we’ve had a few themed nights, such as Peter Pan Night and Harry Potter Night. Well, this session we had Disney Night. All the counselors and some of the campers were given parts from a bunch of Disney movies, like The Little Mermaid and Hercules. They went to dinner dressed as their part, which was extremely amusing to see. Some of the costumes were scary realistic.

The campers were divided into movie groups, and their goal that night was to search for the princess to their movie, following a scavenger hunt to clues. Once they found their princess (with some help from the prince), they figured out where their villain was hiding and set off to attack them (with water balloons, of course). This night is a new favorite of mine.

We ended the week with the usual beach day at Reid State Park. The sun was out and a bunch of campers went surfing and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. That night the camp went roller-skating until 1 a.m. Luckily we were all allowed to sleep in the next morning.

After that we spent the day shopping in Freeport, and then to our semi-annual banquet, honoring our last night at camp. Once the banquet was over, we changed out of our nice clothing and went to have a campfire at our fire pit. Anyone who wanted had the opportunity to speak.

The end came much too quickly for my liking… or anyone else’s, for that matter. Goodbyes were hard for everyone, but there’s still the promise of next year. A huge thanks to the staff and campers this summer for making Chop Point Camp 2013 one of the best summers yet. Till next year.

End of the Second Week

The last week of Second Session has come, no matter how much all of us didn’t want it to.

A few nights ago we drove to Pemaquid Point, a place that one of our cabins is named after. It’s a beautiful spot on the ocean, with huge climbing rocks and a lighthouse. Everyone explored the rocks, and many pictures were taken that night. It started to rain, so we all hunkered down under tree coverage for some singing and a quick chapel.

We’ve also had the semi-annual cabin theme night. The judges dubbed this the best cabin theme night in the history of Chop Point. Now, I’m not sure if I’d go that far, but it’s definitely in the running. The judges couldn’t let themselves just have two cabins as winners, so the next morning at breakfast we had an award ceremony. It was called the Oscars, though it was not very much like the real Oscars award show. Cabin awards were given out, as well as individual awards like Best Supporting Actress/Actor and Best Actress/Actor.

We’re starting the last week off right with chapel atop Maiden’s Cliff in Camden. To get to where we have the chapel is about a mile long walk, but the view is worth it ten times over. After chapel the campers were given lunch, and then let loose into the town of Camden for some shopping and sight-seeing.

Tonight we are going to the farmhouse for Christmas in July, where we have some Christmas games and eat really delicious food.

Hard to believe there’s only a couple of updates left before the end. Be checking our Picasa albums and Facebook page for more picture posts!

Sailing, Seadogs, and Sock Hop

The sailing trip is back with nothing but good reports…


To say I’m jealous is an understatement.

Spending the night aboard a 100 foot long schooner… definitely not the most boring trip we offer here at Chop Point. The food is famous, and talked about days after the trip ends. Once the boat anchors for the night, campers have the opportunity to climb up the ship’s ropes and jump into the ocean. Freezing, but worth it.



A few nights ago we went to a baseball game for the Portland Seadogs. It’s a good time to relax and hang out with everyone. For some, it was their first baseball game. Everyone had a great time cheering, and the Seadogs pulled away with a win of 5-1.

Last night was Sock Hop Night. Everyone dresses up as greasers and in other typical 1950s fashions. For dinner, we all go to the Chop Point “Diner”, which is actually just the dining hall, decked out like a typical diner from the 50s. Oldies songs play while we order our food (root beer floats, burgers, fries, etc.), and after dinner we join into our cabins for some fun activities.

We played trivia games, had an Elvis Presley impersonation contest, a hula hoop contest, and more. There was also a game where they would play a song, and each cabin would have to give their best guess (all fifties songs). The senior staff was also a team, and honestly, if they were allowed to win, they definitely would have.

For more pictures check our Picasa albums and facebook page.


Luau Night

We have all officially settled into Second Session.

We had some cabin bonding nights at the beginning and now we’re on to bigger and better things. A few nights ago, we had a camp favorite, Luau Night.

Our Camp Director, Dave, and a few others spent the better part of the day roasting a pig specifically for the Luau Night dinner. We came to dinner dressed in Hawaiian shirts with flowers in our hair, and ate out on the front lawn. Everything was delicious, like always. After dinner we broke up into different groups, signified by colors, and came up with some cheers. We were also given paint to decorate ourselves as well as a canoe, which was to be used later in the night. The painting may have gotten a bit out of hand, however…



Once our canoes were painted, we had a “regatta” of sorts, racing through the water around obstacles. After the race, we had a limbo contest and a moon-pie eating contest.


A night well spent.

Hello, Second Session

Second Session is coming in hot… in all senses of the word.

The weather has been some of the hottest temperatures all summer. Walking past the dock today, I saw about forty or so campers weighing it down.

There’s also about twenty or so more campers this session, making Chop Point pretty full. With an uncharacteristically small group last session, a bigger group is welcomed.

On the first night, we did get-to-know-you games, camp wide ice-breakers to kick off the session. Everyone was tired that night, many even jet-lagged, so we all got a good night’s rest.

The next morning we had Wacky Olympics, explained in my first update last session. To summarize, we basically dress up in crazy clothing and play a ton of games in the gym.

Example A:


Example B:


Check out our Picasa albums, linked at the bottom of the page, for more photos (courtesy of Andrew Schundler, camp videographer).

Tonight, after going over rules with the Assistant Camp Director, Andrew, we watched a bunch of skits made up by the counselors. I think the counselors do them because it makes them seem more approachable… also the skits are hilarious. All in all we’re off to a great start.

Keep checking back for more updates!

Goodbye, First Session

Today has been pretty depressing for everyone.

We said our goodbyes. There were a lot of tears and a lot of hugs. Even though the last day of camp is always tough, one of our counselors, Taylor, gave me a really cool way to look at it: “I like today because it really shows that we are doing something special here.” The fact that people are so sad to leave that they are actually brought to tears says something about this camp.

Yesterday the camp loaded up the vans and buses and set off to Freeport, a nearby town containing just about any store one could possibly desire to go to. It’s an opportunity for people to buy souvenirs and go to stores that they don’t have in their area. Many buy a fancy outfit to wear to our end of the session banquet.

Banquet is the beginning of the closing ceremonies. We dressed up in our nicest clothing and had a delicious dinner. We sang some of our favorite songs from the session and some campers and counselors gave speeches, talking about what Chop Point has done for them.

Afterwards, we changed out of our nice clothing and had a camp fire. Anyone who wanted to had the opportunity to stand up and talk. Some people told stories from the session, some told how they found out about Chop Point, and some just told everyone how thankful they were to have spent the last three weeks with everyone.

So blessed to be spending my summer at this camp. Thanks to all the campers and counselors for a great session.

Second Session coming soon to a theater near you.

The End is Near

The last week of camp is flying by.

We’ve had Braveheart Night, a camp favorite. At lunch, one of our counselors announced that it was “Wells Fargo” Night, a night that we’ve done in the past but isn’t one of the nights most looked forward to. The campers, who are usually so excited for all the evening activities, were pretty apathetic towards this. After dinner, we were instructed to go to the lodge for a meeting. Our Assistant Camp Director, Andrew Brooks (who is generally an easy-going guy) tricked everyone into believing that he was furious that campers were continuing to break dishes on accident during meals. We all headed to the Dining Hall, thinking we were going to have to spend the night sweeping the floors and cleaning. When we got there, the projection screen was pulled down and all of the chairs were surrounding it. We took our seats, and proceeded to watch an epic short film introducing the actual night, featuring most of the staff members (courtesy of our camp videographer, Andrew Schundler).

Braveheart is a game where shirts tucked into our shorts are our life-lines, and if they get pulled out, we “die”. There are two teams, like in the movie Braveheart, Scotland and England. We played a few rounds against our respective enemies, and then, at the end, joined in a circle and had “call-outs”. This gives us an opportunity to battle someone one on one, or take on our entire cabin, etc. (Yes, Braveheart is indeed so amazing that I had to dedicate two large paragraphs to it.)

Over the past few days, everyone has been working on their “hearts”. These are heart-shaped cards handed to all the campers, giving everyone an opportunity to write to the friends they were the closest to over the session. It’s a camp tradition.

We went to the beach yesterday, and though the weather was pretty foggy and rainy, we all had a great time playing card-games and soccer. Some brave souls even got in the water and went surfing. Many worked on writing their hearts.

It’s pretty much go, go, go until the end now. Tonight we’re going roller-skating, then to Freeport, then a banquet, then a camp fire, and so on. Everyone is excited for the fun to come, but it is also clear that we are all bummed the session is ending.

Car Washes and Some Fireworks

We’ve been really busy at the Point lately. It feels like First Session started yesterday and now, all of a sudden, we’re on our last week.

One day every session Chop Point likes to have a work day, where we have several car washes throughout the community and do some other work around the camp. All the money made at the car washes goes towards our sister camp in Nicaragua, Camp Alegria. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I believe we raised around 1,200 dollars overall! Success.

Two days ago we had our famous “Talent Night”. This night gives campers and counselors alike a chance to show off their abilities. The lodge was transformed into a fancy restaurant with a stage. Everyone was waited on by the counselors, and though we had already eaten dinner, we had the opportunity to order root-beer floats and other delicious treats. The talents ranged from singing and dancing to acting out skits. This time someone even did gymnastics. It was a great night.

Yesterday was Sunday, so we had chapel in the lodge. After an early dinner, we loaded up the buses and vans and set off for a carnival at the same place we watched the parade a few days prior. The carnival was so fun – with rides and games and a ton of fried food. Once it grew dark, we all settled on the grass and rocks near the edge of the Kennebec River and watched some amazing fireworks, probably some of the best I’d ever seen. Everyone got back to camp in high spirits and ready for bed.

The mountain biking trip set off today on what looks to be a promising trip. Stay tuned for another update soon.

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The Past Few Days at Camp

The sun is finally out! It made an appearance yesterday for America’s birthday and has been present ever since. Everyone is thankful it’s starting to feel like summer weather again. The last few days of rain were spent well, however.

We took the entire camp Candle Pin Bowling a few days ago at a nearby bowling alley. Candle Pin Bowling is much like regular bowling, only with a smaller bowling ball, about the size of a softball. If my memory serves me correctly, the high score of the afternoon was 101.

On the last rainy night of camp we played a murder mystery game. It was much like the board game Clue, only in real life. At dinner, one of our counselors was “murdered”, and the cabins spent the rest of the night trying to figure out who the culprit was. Several of our counselors acted as suspects, and each cabin took turns interviewing them. By the end of the night, the “murderer” confessed. It was, personally, one of my favorite nights.

The Allagash canoe trip is back with reports of an awesome time. Most were tired, and in desperate need of a nice shower, but it was also quite obvious that they were happy they went. The Quebec trip has also returned after a few days of shopping and sightseeing in  Canada. Today the kayaking trip set off on the Kennebec River for an overnight trip to Swan Island. I’ve been on that trip before, so I can say with confidence that they’ll have a great time.

On the Fourth of July we spent the morning at a parade in a nearby town. Nearly the entire camp was decked out in red, white, and blue… even the foreigners! After the parade, we came back to camp for lunch and hung out on the dock and played group activities for the rest of the afternoon. There was a pretty intense game of soccer, foreigners vs. Americans. It ended with a tie, 4-4, so we went into sudden death penalty kicks. The foreigners came out victorious, but it was a close call. For dinner we had hamburgers and fresh cut fries, with fried dough coated in sugar for dessert. Needless to say, it was delicious.

The evening activity was Carnival Night. There was face painting, games, and even a water slide. A make-shift dunk tank was built and one lucky camper got the opportunity to dunk our Camp Director, Dave Wilkinson, into the Kennebec.

It’s been an awesome few days. More fun to come!

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“It’s always sunny at Chop Point.”

This morning our Assistant Camp Director Andrew made a comment at breakfast, “It’s always sunny at Chop Point.” And it is, in the metaphorical sense of the term. The rain has been going strong for almost a week now, but we have found some awesome ways to pass the time.

A few days ago the Allagash Canoe Trip set off for five days on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty bad for them, but then I remembered what my friend said about this trip a few years back:

“There was a hole in our tent. It wouldn’t stop raining. Our canoe flipped. There were bugs everywhere… it was the best five days of my life.” A trip is what you make of it, clearly.

The staff has had to switch around some evening activities because of the rain, but so far it has worked out well.

We had Cabin Theme Night, where the cabins were transformed into some pretty creative themes. Just a few examples are a meditation center, a time machine, the iPod game Temple Run, and a bizarre market place.

The next night was Sports Night, where four teams compete for the coveted Chop Point Trophy. It’s made out of tin foil, but is no less prestigious than a gold medal in the Olympics. We played games like Ultimate Frisbee and Knock-Out. The rain let up long enough for us to have some pretty intense rounds of Ultimate on the soccer field.

Two days ago was Sunday, so we started off the day with a late breakfast, giving everyone a chance to sleep in a little. We then had chapel, where one of my counselors, Autumn, gave her testimony. After an early lunch, we loaded up the bus and vans and set off for Boothbay Harbor, a beautiful town on the coast of Maine with a ton of little shops. We were all amazed to see that the sun was out.  I think nearly everyone in the camp got ice cream that day. The rain didn’t come back until it was almost time for bed.

Today the rain is still going strong, and the entire camp is in the gym playing volleyball and basketball. The evening activity is still up in the air, but will no doubt be as fun as all the others.

Even with the rain, it is clear by all the smiles and laughter that First Session 2013 will definitely be a session to remember.

Be checking our Picasa albums for new photos. More updates coming soon.