Spending Money & Snacks

Many parents and campers want to know what to do with their spending money while they are at Chop Point. We have a small store that also works like a bank. The campers make a deposit when they first arrive and then can withdraw that money as the session progresses. Any money that the camper does not use is returned to them on the last day of camp.

The store also sells snack items such as candy, gum, soda and juice. Any item that is not stocked in the store can easily be picked up in town, usually that same day. Campers can bring film in for processing and we always have stamps available for letters home. We have sweatshirts and a new t-shirt design each summer. Campers are not required to keep their money in the store, but it is suggested. Regrettably, we cannot make store deposits for spending money on credit cards or via PayPal.