Camp Life

We are a summer camp in Maine dedicated to serving teenagers. Our staff, programs, trips, evening activities are all geared to give campers the best summer of their lives.  Campers come from around the world and across the country to spend their summers with us.  Our staff is among the best in the entire camping industry.  Regardless of where you are from or what you are interested in your primary goal in choosing a camp is to have a fun filled, memorable experience.  Chop Point gives campers the opportunity to unplug and reconnect with real people in daily activities and cabin life.  Often the friendships that are developed at camp will last a lifetime.

We offer a full range of traditional residential camp activities.  Some of them like, Sailing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Black and White Photography or sketching and painting may challenge campers to develop new skills and talents during their stay at camp.  Other activities such as Basketball, Soccer and Art & Crafts are for the sheer enjoyment of participation. Campers are able to choose from a wide variety of daily activities when they arrive, they are also able to have free time scheduled into their day to hang out with friends at the water front, swim, play pool or ping pong in the lodge or visit the camp store for a snack.

Our trip program has choices as well. Campers can choose from a list of trips to suit there interest and ability level. We offer short two and three day adventure trips as well as more intense longer wilderness trips. There is sightseeing to Boston or Quebec City, Whale Watching, striped bass fishing, two day canoe or kayak trips taken right from Camp, overnight sailing trips, half day surfing trips, whitewater rafting trips, three to four day hiking or biking trips and 4-5 day wilderness canoe trips. All of these are geared to the level of the campers that are participating on them. Most of the trips are included in the price of camp with a few exceptions.

So if you are looking for an exciting fun filled summer, sign up now! It will be the best summer of your life.