First Session Craziness!

Whew. What a day. Our campers from France just arrived at the lovely hour of 10:57 PM. That officially caps off our hectic yet awesome day of checking in the campers for First Session! The staff couldn’t be more excited to have our session kids. That’s not to say that we did love the locals that we got for Community Week. Memories were definitely made. Evening events such as an impromptu late night dodge ball bonanza, a down to the wire Capture the Flag game, and an honky tonkin’ Southern night made for a jam packed blast of a week. To a degree it’s frustrating that we only get those campers for such a short time. But in the same token it motivates us to give all we got in the little amount of time that we get.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the week. The only blemish was a ominous thunder cloud accompanied by a slight drizzle on the very last day. Besides that we got mid 90’s and cloudless skies for three days straight. We have a shortage of sunscreen around camp now, but as long as the campers and staff are using it we have no problem handing it out!

Back for the kickoff day for the best three weeks a kid could have. The lifeguards were down on the dock counting laps for the kids’ swim tests, the sailors were taking campers out, and all around camp there were basketball and ultimate frisbee games going on. In the evening we did Get To Know You Games. The night was a fun icebreaker where we could share embarrassing stories and learn names. We ended in the dining hall with Kettle Corn and refreshments.

Tomorrow we will have the ever entertaining counselor skits. Hopefully the 2+ weeks of preparation during staff week won’t be all for not. Trips for Acadia and the Allagash River are right around the corner. It all happens so fast that we have to be sure to be doing posts! That’s all we got for now. Will have pictures up soon!

The Beginning of the End

The Sailing Trip returned yesterday with reports of a wonderful trip. The “sailors” had the opportunity to travel aboard the J.E Riggen, a one hundred foot schooner, out of Rockland, Maine. After sailing all  afternoon the boat anchored in the Penobscot Bay for a night of delicious food, swimming, and relaxing( but mostly swimming).

The sun setting over the surrounding mountains was absolutely breathtaking.

Check our Picasa Web albums for the full series of pictures!

In other news, today is the last full day of activities for Second Session! As the session comes to a close, we look forward to a series of special activities such as a day at the beach and a late night roller-skating trip.


Cliff Jumping!

With two trips in Boston, and one hiking the White Mountains, numbers were a little low in camp today and it was time to get creative. We spent the morning shuttling campers back and forth to “cliff island” for some cliff-jumping.

Go to our Picasa Web Albums to see all of the pictures from today!




Boothbay Harbor

We spent this past Sunday afternoon in Boothbay, a local, coastal town known for its beautiful harbor and “touristy” shopping. The campers loved the chance to shop, eat ice cream, and enjoy the scenery.

A few lucky campers had the opportunity to ride to Boothbay by boat instead of the bus. The hour of cruising through rocky coastline, weaving through lobster buoys, and riding the waves went all to quickly but it is always great to return to camp.


Trip Season

Less than a week into Second Session, and we are already in “trip season” here! The whale watching trip to Boothbay Harbor and the Kennebec kayaking trip have both already gone out and returned with plenty of stories and good reports of their trips. This morning, two more trips pulled out of camp. The biking trip will be exploring Acadia National Park and spending a couple of nights there. A group of ten adventurous campers also left this morning to go on a three day canoeing trip on the St. Croix River.

All is well here at camp. The never-ending sunshine has made the waterfront one of the best and busiest places to be at camp. Go to our Picasa Web albums to see some new pictures from the waterfront!

Goodbyes and Hellos

Sadly, First Session came to an end this past Thursday. Saying goodbyes are never fun, but knowing that life-long friendships grew over the course of the three weeks makes the goodbyes worth it. It was a wonderful session, and we hope to see returning faces next summer!

By Friday afternoon, we were welcoming the Second Session Campers! Everyone has safely arrived at Chop Point  and this afternoon, campers have already began their activities and are enjoying the sunshine. It’s a great start to a new session!




Take a peek at our Picasa Web albums to see what camp has been doing lately…

Here are pictures from the three car washes we hosted to raise money for Campo Alegria in Nicaragua. The perfect weather, enthusiastic campers, and never-ending flow of summer traffic all helped us raise over a thousand dollars for Nicaraguan Campers!

These are some photos of Cabin Theme Night, an evening where each cabin completely transforms into a theme of their choice and hosts an “open house” for all of the other cabins.

Here are some pictures of campers learning to surf at a local beach.






Fourth of July Festivities

It has been an exciting week here at Chop Point! Sunday kicked off the Fourth of July weekend as all of the campers and counselors went on a day trip to Camden, Maine. We started by hiking Maiden Cliffs and having a chapel service on a mountain overlooking the town. The breathtaking view on top of the mountain made the hike well worth the trek. After a picnic- style lunch, we had the chance to explore Camden. The town sits on the ocean and with its narrow streets, tiny shops and sailboat filled harbor, it is picture perfect.  The campers spend their time shopping, hunting for the best ice-cream shop, playing Ultimate Frisbee in the park, and watching the sailboats pull into the harbor.

The Fourth of July was celebrated in all of the most fitting ways possible! We went to town in the morning to watch a parade and afterwards, an all-American lunch was waiting for us back at camp. Burgers with toppings of all kinds, fresh-cut fries, and watermelon made the perfect lunch. In the place of an evening activity, we went back into town to enjoy the carnival and watch a fireworks show over the Kennebec River. Does the Fourth of July get any better than that?

Not even three days later, another holiday was already upon us: Christmas in July! The campers left their shoes out on “Christmas Eve” and woke up to find candy spilling out the tops of their shoes!  The kitchen staff and Jean cooked an enormous Christmas feast. The evening activity included “reindeer-run” relay races and a contest to build the best gingerbread house. As we enter the last week of First Session, we look forward to a week of gorgeous weather and fun activities.



Strawberries and Sailboats

Yesterday was filled with unexpected surprises that make the best kind of days. After breakfast, a small group of girls went out to a local strawberry farm and spent their morning picking enough strawberries for the entire camp. They came back with heaping boxes of strawberries that were made into fresh strawberry shortcake for the evening dessert. The girls enjoyed picking the berries as much as we enjoyed our strawberry shortcake!

Later in the day, the afternoon sailors went down to the waterfront  to discover a complete lack of wind. The boats still went out and for a minute, it seemed they would lazily drift and paddle around for the hour.  Suddenly, a wet sponge was launched through the air towards another sailboat. Within seconds, every sailboat had entered an enormous water war with each other. Each boat was equipped with buckets, paddles for splashing, and sponges to toss at each other.

Not a single person was left dry.

Today, the wind has decided to return in full force, and the sailing looks great! The Quebec City trip is on their second day of sight-seeing, and the Allagash Canoeing trip has safely returned to camp. By the Fourth of July, all trips will be back at camp just in time to celebrate together.

A Beautiful Day on The Kennebec

As a long time Chop Point friend, Norm Friberg, used to say, “It is a BEAUTIFUL day on the Kennebec!” And it certainly is. First Session is in full swing as we are settling into our daily activities for the next three weeks. The First Session campers arrived this past Friday, and after moving into cabins, signing up for activities and trips, and playing a plethora of get-to-know-you games, it was finally time to settle into camp routine.

As activities are continually running at camp, the trips have also started leaving. Yesterday, a group went to Boothbay Harbor to go on a scenic, whale-watching boat tour . The campers came back last evening with enthusiastic reports of the four whales they spotted. Much to the campers excitement, they didn’t just see any old whales, they saw Fin Whales, the largest type of whale found in Maine! This morning, two more trips left from camp. One group is heading to Northern Maine to canoe the Allagash River. The Allagash is recognized as one of the most beautiful, remote canoeing destinations in the country. The other trip is also driving North, to Carrabassett Valley for a three day mountain biking trip. Whether at camp enjoying the Kennebec, or out on a trip, it’s a great day to be a camper!

Be sure to check out the pictures from our Luau Night!