Now in our fourth decade of running summer camps, we can honestly say we’ve never had a camper go home unhappy. We receive letters from campers who attended Chop Point many years ago and still consider it to be one of the best times of their lives. We are so excited to be seeing second and even a few third generation Chop Point campers! Here are just a few of the thousands of positive comments received from camp alumni…

I absolutely positively love Chop Point!
Jessica, Brooklyn, NY

I was a camper from ’78-’82 and just couldn’t get enough. I have never had so much fun and have the fondest memories.
Tricia, from New York, N.Y.

The three weeks at Chop Point were the best of my life.
Palaz, from Paris, France

Chop Point rocks! I loved Chop Point. I had an awesome 2nd session there. I’m hoping to return there next summer…
Laurel, from Charlotte, VT

I was a camper in the early 80’s… they were three of the best summers of my life.
Jim, from West Haven, CT

Hey everyone! If you’re thinking about going to Chop Point DO IT! It’s a blast!
Jeff, from Lexington, MA

The memories of Chop Point are the true highlight of my childhood. Chop Point is an amazing place.
Krista, from Miami, FL

This was the best summer I’ve ever had. Chop Point is awesome. I miss you.
Annibelle, from Vienna, Austria

I went to 2nd session and it’s true, I had the best summer ever. The people are what make the camp so wonderful and FUN! I know I will do anything to come back next year! Thanks, Chop Point, for giving me such incredible memories!
Lindsey, from Laguna Niguel, CA

There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Chop Point and the experiences that I had growing up there. It has shaped my entire life and I am grateful for all the memories and relationships that I have because of the existence of CPC.
Peter, Camper from the mid eighties now living in MA.

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  1. Bethany says:

    “I attended Chop Point as a camper for 5 years and never wanted to leave. It was truly an incredible experience and I met so many wonderful people”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chop Point has an incredible ability to attract the most amazing people to it and once you go you will always carry it with you in your heart. It has changed my life and for that I will be forever thankful.

  3. This past summer at Chop Point was the highlight of the summer and most definately one of the best summers of my life. The campers, the counselor, the environment, they all make up Chop Point and make it so very special. It was extremely hard to say good bye, but i know I’ll be back next summer. The last night, the camp fire and it all just hit me. This is the last night at Chop Point. I had spent 3 amazing weeks at this place and now I had to step back and return to reality. All the words said that night, touched my heart so very much. God is a large part of my life sense Chop Point. I’m so glad you taught me that God created so many beautiful places for us, that he didn’t have to but he did. I have learned to appretiate the small things in life and help others around me. I know I’m a better, more confident me because of Chop Point. This place, this wonderful place gave me some of the best things in the world. My experience at Chop Point was never expected to be like this. I love it here. Chop Point isn’t just a summer camp, it’s my home.

  4. Laura Kavin says:

    Chop Point has been the most impactful place of my childhood. I made lasting relationships, had countless adventures and new experiences, encountered God, and really learned who I was. My memories at Chop Point are among the most cherished I have and it is always hard to be away. It is the most anticipated chapter of my life and I hope to be involved with the camp as long as I can be.

  5. So many fond memories of Chop Point. I was a camper from 1979-1980. Still talk to one of my friends today from that time. We often have trips down memory lane of the great times we had a camp. Thinking about my younger years and the great times I had, always brings a smile to my face and helps me get rougher times in my life. To be a teenager again and back at camp would be totally awesome!

  6. If you’re thinking about sending your kid to Chop Point Camp, stop thinking and just do it. It aboslutely,positively will be the best summer of your kids life. Your kid will meet amazing people from different backgrounds, have more fun in three weeks than a lot of people have in three years, and just in general have a good time. The owners of the camp are a class act and your kid can be in no better hands.Make the right decision.

    -jon a camper from 98-2006

  7. Nate Cox says:

    I was a counselor in 1998 & 1999. I learned more about serving and friendships at Chop Point then anywhere else I have done ministry. Chop Point is a special place that will be a part of our life forever. We are sending our kids to be campers there in the next few summers!

  8. Hi. I went 2nd session of 1987.
    It was a Wonder Year. Like the TeeVee Show. Yet compressed into a Summer. One Month.
    I always wished I’d gone back for 2 months the next year & kept my friends.
    Yet I did. For a few years, via snail mail & phone as teenagers…I recall keeping friendships with Rajiv “Muggs” Annad of Montclair, NJ and Donald Williams of Greenwich, CT was it for at least a year or two? Sheesh…it was 28 years ago. =)
    But it was an Indelible Summer. Oh. The Clambake!! Camping on that little island and watching the falling stars.
    Nothing compares. I’ll give it as a gift to God. Seriously.
    Eric O’Sullivan (nee Anzalone)
    Boston, MA USA

    PS It’s as David Bowie sang, “I never thought I’d meet so many people…”

  9. Tiffany Jane DeNigris (Sweden) says:

    Attended Chop Point in the 80’s and had the best summers of my life there… An adventure and memories that have stayed with me all these years…

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