Where Did the Time Go?

It seems like only yesterday we were recapping the first week of First Session, and yet he we are well into the second week of Second Session. First Session came to a close with the traditional banquet dinner catered by our good friends at Morse and Doak Builders, followed by a bittersweet final campfire and the viewing of the completed First Session video – a digital way for our campers to relive their summer here with us as many times as they wish once they return home. After all the difficult goodbyes the group of kids staying for both sessions enjoyed an afternoon at the Maine Mall while our counseling staff did a few cleanup chores around camp and then tried to grab a couple hours of rest before the first of the Second Session campers started to roll in that evening.

Second Session kicked off much the way that first did – an evening of Get to Know You Games to introduce the new campers to the returners, followed by a newly polished reboot of the counselor skits. A few activities making a triumphant return from summers past have made their way back onto the scene this session as well. Field Sports plays a different sport every day to avoid any possibility of a monotonous schedule – GaGa seems to be the overwhelming crowd favorite during this hour. Variety hour has also made its way back into the mix – an activity that works even harder to defeat monotonous summer schedules. The counselors and campers decide together what games/activities to play on each day. They can occasionally be seen sprinting across camp in a huge pack as they look for a hiding place during the inverted game of Hide and Seek known as Sardines, as well as theatrically attacking each other with plastic spoons during a multi-day game of Assassin. Along with some of camp’s iconic evening activities like Capture the Flag and SkitSync, our staff has been working hard to give the campers a taste of something new not only during their daily schedules, but during the evening plans as well. This lead to the molding of a few brand new activity ideas this session, kicked off first by the wildly successfully Evil Scientist Night. Campers were divided into teams and sent around camp to compete in a wide variety of science-related challenges ranging anywhere from the traditional egg drop to a timed baking soda and vinegar bottle rocket making competition.

We have already had our Second Session Beach Day as well as our Car Wash/Work Day, both of which served again as an excellent day of relaxation away from camp as well as an awesome opportunity for us to provide a bit for somebody else, respectively. We look forward to our next couple of out of camp excursions that we have planned, namely a short hike and chapel service in Camden Maine followed by a final day of fun in Freeport before the session wraps up We’ll check in again soon with an end of session wrap up as we do our best to enjoy the wildly fleeting days we have left together this summer – until next time.

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