First Days of 1st Session

After a brief day of rest for our counselors and staff following the conclusion of community week, everybody is right back in gear and welcoming the first session campers as they make their arrivals. Most of our French and American friends are settled in and already in the swing of daily activities; sailing has once again claimed its usual place as the most popular activity. The Spanish campers arrived last night after some unexpected travel delays and are quickly settling in to camp life and working through the initial struggles that come with beating international jetlag. The first few days of daily activities have been exciting, with tons of new sailors and windsurfers getting their feet wet at the waterfront. The campers are enjoying a number of the same activities from community week along with a few special ones only offered during sessions such as photography and creative writing, both of which have solid groups working through some early projects right now. After the presentation of counselor skits to the first session campers the cabins enjoyed some initial bonding time via Boys Night Out and Girls Night In, with Girls Night Out and Boys Night In. This back-to-back set of evening activities provides each cabin with a unique bonding experience to make specific memories with each other at the beginning of the session – serving as a sort of friendship foundation to build on throughout the summer. Wednesday morning we had our first trip head out of camp, 8 campers and 2 counselors headed to the Allagash for a canoe trip and they will be home on Saturday night.  Wednesday night saw camp divided up into teams for Sports Night.  Soccer with a 16″ ball makes it fun and challenging for everyone, Ultimate frisbee and beach ball volleyball rounded out the evening.  Yesterday we had a bit of sporadic rain during the day, but activities went on unphased.  Carrabassett Valley mountain biking trip left after breakfast with 7 campers and 3 staff members.  They will be enjoying 3 days of riding the trails in the shadow of Sugarloaf ski area.  Thursday night we did Skit-Sync night cabins came up with skits that incorporated a lip sync (as a twist we used the Kids Bop versions of the songs) as well.  The boys of Little John and the ladies of Isle au Haut were the favorites of the judges.  Tonight, if the weather holds out for us, we head to Pemaquid Point after dinner.  We look forward to what lies ahead during the rest of first session here at Chop Point – look out for another update on the way coming sometime in the next few days.

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