What a Week

The second week of second session is ending and campers are cherishing the precious time they have left. Despite the end-of-the-session blues, this past week has been non-stop activity and fun. Last Saturday was Cabin Theme night, the most intense/exciting nights of camp. Each cabin is only given two hours to transform their cabin into a theme of their choosing. The themes this session were creative and so much fun to walk through. On the girls’ side we experienced Monhegan’s campfire/murder mystery, Cranberry’s Ohio, Isle au Haut’s Isle au Haut Island voyage, and Manana’s tattoo parlor/ bike garage. The guys’ side, entertained us with Old Pemaquid’s prom, Acadia’s dog wash, Sebago’s plane crash, Little John’s insane asylum, and Pemaquid’s wild west saloon. Each theme was unique and I could tell everyone had a blast putting the night together. A big congratulations to the winners: Monhegan and Sebago!






The evening activity on Sunday was obstacle course night. Each cabin competed in one huge obstacle course. Whichever cabin was the fastest won. There were all sorts of obstacles like a mud crawl and riddles. Sunday was also a very special night. It was announced that it was Christmas in July Eve! After the campers returned to their cabins at the end of the activity staff members caroled at each cabin. This caused all the campers to become so excited for the fun that was about to unfold. The next morning, (Monday) the campers were delighted to find that the dining hall was decked with Christmas decorations. There was even a big Christmas tree in the corner! Campers drew names for Secret Santa and scrambled around, trying to find the perfect gift. In the morning, campers went to their usual activities, but the afternoon was designated for festive activities such as sledding (Slip and slide), snowball fights (Socks filled with flour), cookie decorating, Santa Man Hunt, and ornament making. Every activity was a blast and helped the campers get into the Christmas spirit! After the Christmas in July feast, the whole camp traveled to the Barker Farmhouse for dessert and more games. To conclude the festivities, Secret Santa gifts were handed out and the true story of Christmas was read out loud. It was such a wonderful day and we were all sad to see it end!



On Tuesday night, after a day of regular activities, everyone played capture the flag till it was time for  bed.

Because the week had been hectic, Wednesday served as a day of rest. The whole camp spent the day at the beautiful Reid State Park, a beach on the coast of Maine. Campers spent the day swimming, Surfing, playing games, hanging out with friends, and exploring the beach’s rocky shore. It was a gorgeous day and thankfully, nobody was sunburned by the end. Upon returning to camp, it was announced that the evening activity was to have a campfire. That night, songs were sung, marshmallows were roasted and scary stories were told. It was such a great way to end such a peaceful day.




Thursday was definitely a night to remember. The campers left breakfast very excited because it was Lip Synch night. Lip Synch night is a Chop Point classic and always is so entertaining to watch. Each cabin was given a song, this session the theme was “One Hit Wonders,” and told to make up a skit/routine while lip-synching. The performances were awesome and hilarious. It was so much fun to watch Pemaquid’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” Little John’s “What is Love,” Sebago’s “Kung Fu Fighting,” Acadia’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” Monhegan’s “Bad Day,” Cranberry’s “Take On Me,” Isle au Haut’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” and Manana’s “Achy Breaky Heart.” We even got a surprise performance from the staff in the Boathouse and Old Pemaquid! Each performance was amusing, but the winners, Monhegan and Acadia really stood out. After the winners cheered and everyone had settled down, the campers were surprised with another evening activity: Glowtimate! (Ultimate Frisbee with a light-up Frisbee.) Despite the fact that it was late, all the campers gathered to the soccer field, wearing glow-stick bracelets. Soon there were multiple Frisbees whizzing by and campers scrambling to catch them. It was so chaotic, but so much fun! It was an awesome way to end the successful night!




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