The 50th summer of Chop Point has begun! After hours of traveling and the long drive down the Chop Point road, the campers have arrived and are ready to have a blast. First, everyone found out which cabin they were in, and met all their counselors. After happy reunions of old friends and the exciting hello’s to the new campers, everyone anticipated the start of a new session. Saturday’s evening activity was “Get to Know You Games.” These fun, interactive games helped the campers bond and “Get To Know” each other. My personal favorite game is “Switch If.” During this game everyone forms a huge circle around one person. The person in the middle states a fact about his/herself. For example: “Switch if you have blue eyes.” Everyone who has blue eyes has to quickly find a new place in the circle. Whoever cannot find a spot is the person in the middle. To conclude the first day of first session, everyone headed down to the dining hall for dessert. Thanks to the lovely kitchen staff, we have delicious meals and desserts everyday.

Check out our video of Get-to-Know you games.

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