Goodbye For Now

This past week has consisted of many activities and tearful goodbyes. The last week of camp always flies by and leaves us wondering where the summer went. Monday was a very chill day because most of the campers were on the white water rafting day trip. The campers on camp spent the morning either in the gym or in the dining hall playing different games or making friendship bracelets. After the rafters returned, it was announced that the evening activity was Casino Night! Campers were encouraged to dress nicely and instructed to wait outside the dining hall after dinner. During the activity campers played different card games in the decorated dining hall. It was so much fun to learn different games and play them with friends!


Tuesday was the last day of regular activities. Campers became a little emotional when they realized this was the last time they would sail or play Ultimate Frisbee all together. But their sadness was gone by the end of the day because of the awesome evening activity: Pokemon Night. Because of the Pokemon Go craze, the campers were thrilled. Each cabin came up with a group theme and competed in scavenger hunt-type game around camp. When the campers found a Pokemon station, a camper from each cabin was instructed to throw a Pokeball at a picture of the Pokemon. It was a successful night and all the campers had a blast!IMG_7746






On Wednesday the whole camp spent the afternoon in Freeport. Campers were free to shop to their heart’s content and hang out with friends. I saw many campers eating ice cream or carrying shopping bags filled with souvenirs. That night awards were given out to each camper from different counselors. It made me so happy to see and hear the cheering from kids as each camper went up to accept their award. To conclude the night, the whole camp went roller-skating! By the end, the campers were exhausted and ready for bed.




Thursday was a very chill day. Because of the late night, campers were allowed to sleep in. Campers spent the day hanging out with friends around camp. It was the last day of camp and everyone was trying to soak everything in. That night the dining hall was decorated beautifully for the banquet. All the campers were dressed nicely and many group pictures were taken. Since it was the last night, everyone was a little emotional. For the past three weeks, the whole camp bonded and formed a family. Hopefully campers have made friendships that will last a lifetime. This summer’s verse was 1 Thessalonians 2:8: So we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.” It has been such a wonderful summer and it breaks my heart to see it end, but Chop Point will remain and welcome campers with open arms.



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