Cabin Bonding

Over the last few days, campers have started to get used to their new schedule. They also have begun to attend their activities and form friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. The last two evening activities were specifically designated for each cabin to bond. Monday night was girls night out. Each girl cabin was allowed to hang out off-camp and get to know each other.  Most of the cabins went out for ice cream, while others played mini golf. While the girls were out, the boys cabins stayed on camp and played ultimate frisbee on the mud flats. The guys also made smores over a campfire. The next night the guys went out and the girls stayed in. Some guy cabins got ice cream, while others went out for dinner. The girls spent the evening swimming, watching the gorgeous sunset and making a hobo dessert (bananas stuffed with peanut butter, marshmallow and, chocolate chips roasted over a camp fire.) It was a great opportunity for the campers to get to know their cabin-mates better.

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