A Weekend to Remember

There is never a dull moment at Chop Point! There is always something to do, people to see, and beautiful places to visit. The campers are soaking in all the beauty of camp as the last week begins.


On Friday, at lunch, it was revealed that the evening activity was 50’s night! Campers were encouraged to wear all their 50’s-looking clothing to dinner. Most guys went for the greaser look, while the girls wore long skirts and red lipstick, the classic 50’s look. After dinner, a twist in the evening activity was revealed. Not only was it 50’s night, it was also Murder Mystery Night! Each cabin went around camp, interviewing suspects and writing down clues in order to solve the mysterious murder. The night was awesome and campers were really determined to solve the case. Congratulations to the cabin of Pemaquid, who was the only cabin to figure out who the murderer was.


Interviewing the suspects



Saturday was Work Day. While most campers were off washing cars to raise money for Campo Alegria in Nicaragua, others remained at camp and did various chores around Chop Point. Some swept the dining hall, while others cleaned the sailboats. A handful of campers stacked wood and a couple cleaned the arts and crafts room. It was a productive day and by the time the car-washers returned for dinner, everyone was tired, but proud of their handy-work. Despite the exhausting day, campers were very enthusiastic when they walked into the dining hall and saw that it was decorated creepily and hinting to the evening activity. The activity was Quarantine Night. It was each camper’s mission to find each safe zone on camp without being caught by counselors who were dressed as zombies. If anyone were caught, they would become a zombie too. It was thrilling and spooky to see the counselors dressed so creepily, but so much fun to run around and hide in the woods. The campers had a blast, so I would say that the evening was a success!


IMG_7404 (5)


On Sunday, after chapel and lunch, the whole camp spent the afternoon in Boothbay Harbor. Many campers took the opportunity to shop in the tourist-y boutiques and buy all sorts of things. Others spent the afternoon walking around the harbor with friends. When the campers returned, it was almost time for the evening activity: Talent Night. What a memorable talent show it was! There were a large amount of talents and performances. There were many skits, a few musical performances, and couple of comedy acts. One camper managed to solve a rubix cube with one hand! It truly was an unforgettable show!




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