Strawberries and Sailboats

Yesterday was filled with unexpected surprises that make the best kind of days. After breakfast, a small group of girls went out to a local strawberry farm and spent their morning picking enough strawberries for the entire camp. They came back with heaping boxes of strawberries that were made into fresh strawberry shortcake for the evening dessert. The girls enjoyed picking the berries as much as we enjoyed our strawberry shortcake!

Later in the day, the afternoon sailors went down to the waterfront  to discover a complete lack of wind. The boats still went out and for a minute, it seemed they would lazily drift and paddle around for the hour.  Suddenly, a wet sponge was launched through the air towards another sailboat. Within seconds, every sailboat had entered an enormous water war with each other. Each boat was equipped with buckets, paddles for splashing, and sponges to toss at each other.

Not a single person was left dry.

Today, the wind has decided to return in full force, and the sailing looks great! The Quebec City trip is on their second day of sight-seeing, and the Allagash Canoeing trip has safely returned to camp. By the Fourth of July, all trips will be back at camp just in time to celebrate together.

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