Blue Skies

Yesterday morning, a group of counselors trudged up the hill at 8:00 in the morning and spotted a large group of people congregating near the entrance to the lodge. Who could they be? Certainly not campers, Community Week registration was not even open for another hour!  As the counselors walked closer, they spotted the mass of sleeping bags, duffel bags, bathing suits, and towels tossed over the shoulders of the people. The campers had undoubtedly arrived. This enthusiasm for camp truly sums up Community Week, our five-day camp program for local kids between the ages of twelve and seventeen.  From the moment the campers arrived hardly twenty-four hours ago, they have jumped into camp with both feet. Activities are in full swing and campers and counselors alike are loving every minute of it. The sun is shining and there are blue skies as far as we can see. With Capture the Flag planned as the evening activity, it will certainly be an exciting end to the first full day of camp.


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